Tree Removal costs vary from job to job, unless working off hourly rates with a fixed budget agreed upon with the contractor. Hourly rates can suit certain jobs, such as large tree pruning, multiple tree pruning or habitat tree removals.

For fixed quotations, different companies have different ways of quoting their work, but here at Tree Range Arborists we look at these factors:

  1. Hours/Days required to complete the task
  2. Crew Size and speciality/experience level of staff
  3. Machinery Required.
  4. If any Sub-contractors are involved (Crane Companies etc)

Prices can quickly add up on large jobs, particularly when using legitimate tree companies as the business expenses are extremely high in this dangerous industry. In order to run a sustainable business that can continue to serve you and your friends/families in the future, successful companies must:

  1. Pay Income Tax, Payroll Tax and GST Tax, Employee tax and Super annuation.
  2. Pay their Insurance for Work Cover, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Plant and Equipment Insurance.
  3. Continually service and maintain vehicles and machinery.
  4. Keep up with rising prices for industry related consumables, along with accounting and administration services required for a smooth operation.
  5. Invest in marketing – so clients can choose which company to employ.
  6. Employ an administration team to ensure clients receive the best service attainable.
  7. Pay their hard working, qualified, and experienced staff fairly and appropriately to reduce the turn around of staff and ensure clients always get a tightly knit team on their properties.

Unfortunately in Australia, the Arboriculture industry is not regulated – so it’s entirely up to the business owners to decide to cover these expenses and compete against other companies that do not cover these same expenses. This is why the job can vary so much in price between companies.

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