Tree Pruning & RESTORATION

Our Arborists LOVE making your trees look their best and maintaining the safety around your tree.

A tree should also be considered as an asset, its great aesthetic value and beauty can put a significant sentimental and financial value on your home, or in the local amenity. If not properly maintained or neglected they can do the opposite. Trees grow in a forest environment and will naturally lose branches and uproot due to environmental reasons. When we choose to live in these forest environments, we should address these implications and maintain them appropriately to avoid any unfavourable issues with our trees.

If we chose to live in a property that is positioned amongst the trees, we need to take the responsibility to maintain them. We can reduce the risk of limb and tree failures or tree decline with Arboricultural intervention and management, to sustain and extend the lifespan of your tree. Before removing your tree, ask yourself and your arborist if you can achieve the same relief from your concerns, by pruning the tree in an appropriate way to address your needs for safety, and aesthetics.

All our pruning work is performed to the Australian Standard AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees. Pruning jobs are often calculated as a percentage of crown to be removed and should not exceed 30% of the total canopy.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood has many great benefits for the local ecology, but can  negatively impact the tree and is best kept on trees in ‘low target rich’ environments where it’s safe to leave within the tree.

We remove deadwood in the higher target environment areas mostly for safety concerns and prevention of property damage, and so the tree can focus valuable energy resources on sustaining live growth rather than the shedding process of these branches. A qualified arborists can assist by doing this under full control, rather than waiting for the debris to fall at its own accord.

Dead branches are also rotting branches, housing many fungal, bacterial or pest infestations spreading further into tree. Removing the dead branches can also assist in maintaining the trees true form, showcasing the aesthetics of the tree. Deadwood greater than 30mm diameter should be removed to maintain safety regulations at schools and governing bodies.

Crown Thinning

The shape and size of the tree stays the same; we focus on pruning the internal secondary branches, epicormic growth and branches growing in clashing directions. Thinning allows more light to pass through to the house and garden, but also more wind through the canopy to prevent limb failures in the crown, or even the uprooting of the tree altogether. 

Crown Cleaning

A combination of Deadwood Removal and Crown Thinning. But also removal of any crossing branches, rotten or damaged branches, junk in the tree, and excessive epicormic growth.

A good result overall for the health of the tree. And a great way to see instant results on your pruning work.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the size of the crown, also often worked out as a percentage of the crown to be removed. To maintain and limit the growth of canopy for the appropriate space in your property, reductions can also be effective to allow more light to come through the property.

Weight reduction work is a common practice of ours for prevention of limb failures.

Pruning Oak Tree


Because we do the work that others cannot do, to a standard others cannot deliver. We proudly lead the way in the Arboricultural industry standards, setting the benchmark for skillset and ability amongst our teams of climbing arborists whilst delivering the high quality work that our clients deserve.

We are a sophisticated team of technical climbing arborists; between our supportive office team, consulting Arborists and productive crew staff we provide the highest quality tree service attainable in Victoria.

Our services are client focused, safety focused, and timeframe focused, ensuring you work is carefully completed within any given deadlines.

Safety is a priority in Tree Services

Safety Focused

Our priority is the safety of our staff and your property.

Quality Workmanship for all Tree Services

Quality Assured

All of our jobs are completed to the highest standard.

Environmentally Focused Arborists

Environmentally Conscious

We strive to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible.

Sustainability Focused Tree Management Arborists


We recycle our industry by-products wherever possible and ensure our practices are as sustainable as possible.

What Our Clients Have To Say...

"Suburban tree work completed to create more light in my yard without losing my favourite tree. The team were amazing from initial quote consult all the way through to job completion. Highly recommend them."

Elysia Anketell - Google Review

"We used John and his team to cut down two very large, dangerous poplar trees that were right up against our house. They maintained a positive attitude from start to finish, despite it being quite a tricky job that other arborists didn't want to touch. Job was done quickly and professionally and for about half what we had been quoted elsewhere. Gladly recommend to friends, family, and neighbours."

Dave - Google Review

"This has been one of the best customer experiences I’ve had. The entire team, including office ladies are super friendly, knowledgeable and put so much care and effort into their work. I know they have a lot of customers but they make you feel like you’re the only one!
We had a bunch of large trees taken down and the guys were incredible. Highly recommend!"

Sandra - Google Review

"Tree Range Arborists gave excellent customer service from first contact to the quotation visit to being onsite with their team. The team came on time and safely pushed through some challenging weather and fished on time. As an added benefit, they provided options where a habitat could be created for animals or the wood recycled/repurposed where possible. They did a quality job at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them."

Corey-Jay - Google Review


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